IT Equipment Recycling

ITR Recycling offers a completely free IT equipment recycling service, allowing us to fulfil your legal Duty of Care under both the Environmental Protection Act and the Data Protection Act.

The Collection Process

The first step to disposing of your redundant IT equipment is contacting ITR Recycling to arrange a collection that is completely taylored to suit your needs.

The collection will be made on the date arranged using a suitable vehicle and operated by a member of the ITR Recycling team. Due to the nature of our daily collection schedule, we can only give an approximate time during the day when we will collect.

We accept all IT related equipment (working and non-working):
Computer base units (desktops / towers)
Monitors / screens of all sizes
Keyboards, mice and cables
Network equipment
TV, video and audio equipment

All collections will receive the required waste transfer documentation to keep for their records.

Equipment Processing

All equipment undergoes the following processes at an AATF (Approved Authorised Treatment Facility) in preparation for reuse.

Equipment cleaning:
All equipment is removed of original owner markings and asset tags.

All equipment is tested to check functionality. For all non-functioning equipment, if a repair is not possible, the item will be stripped of all reusable parts so that other non-functioning equipment can be repaired.

Data destruction:
All computer systems, laptops and servers are wiped of data to UK Government and MOD standards. Any removable data storage media collected is physically destroyed.